SWD 44-E Vol 1
Panel of Volunteer Workers
Child Feeding Scheme
This file dealt with the Panel of Voluntary Workers that ran the Feeding Centres.  It documented the recruitment of the key leader, Lady Gimson, and other ladies, and their deployment to the feeding centres. Details on the operational arrangements for each centre, payment of transport expenses of the volunteers, recruitment of paid ""temporary women registrars"" to help at the Centres were documented in the file.  The file included a subsequent circular that addressed the problems faced in running the feeding programme and spelt out the expectations of voluntary workers.  A Press release in Oct 1947 stated that there were 20 feeding centres for the age group 2-6 years that were supervised by 150 voluntary workers. It described the valuable work done by the voluntary workers and the activities they handled for the 3 which by then had developed into Children’s Clubs.
Jan 1957 - Feb 1949
MSA 3439
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