SWD 44-B Vol 3
Feeding of Children Between Ages 2 and 6  
Children's Social Centres
This file dealt with the development and implementation of the Feeding Scheme for Children between the ages of 2 and 6. It covered the intended result of the Scheme, instructions and issues encountered in its implementation.  It included the notes of meetings of the Sub-committee overseeing the Scheme, the financial aspects of the Scheme and the communication that took place among the government bodies, the voluntary workers, the Child Welfare Society, and a few private citizens. Reports on visits made by officials to the various feeding centres were recorded. Many enclosures were about details of the children's diet such as nutritional requirements, methods of preparation and feedback on the meals. The file documented that in 1952 the "Feeding Centres" were renamed as "Children's Social Centres” as the scope of the centres was enlarged. It also recorded the plan to build permanent children's social centres and to develop these into community centres.
Sep 1946 - May 1953
MSA 3439
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