SWD 12-64
Children’s Centres and Creches Policy
File covered policy and developments on Social Welfare Department (SWD) children's centres and crèches.  Early enclosures showed SWD’s response to recommendations and comments made by the Social Sub-Committee’s Report on “Social Welfare Affecting Muslims” regarding suggestion for more social welfare institutions including crèches to be set up in or near Malay kampongs, and that the Malays be encouraged to make use of them.  Existing children's centres and services in predominantly Malay areas were cited as well as those in the pipeline.

Other contents in the file included :-
a) parliamentary questions and replies on setting up of crèches in community centres and crèches for children of families in the higher income bracket.
b) press statement on the new conditions and rates of charges taking effect on 1/1/1968.
c) review of children’s centre and crèche policy proposing gradual closure of its16 children’s centres, and proposed expansion of crèches, opening them to all children irrespective of citizenship and family income.
d) extension of crèche service at two centres on experimental basis from 5pm to 7pm for  working mothers who worked late.
e) extract from the Report of the Mechanisation Committee on increasing the supply of women labour, that more married women would remain or enter into gainful employment and recommended SWD to look into establishing crèches, paying attention to the location, service provided and closing and opening times to ensure that they meet the needs of the working mothers.
f) SWD reviewing and rethinking crèche programme for the future. A comprehensive paper on the new proposed Crèche Scheme was submitted to MOF recommending changes including the extension of operation hours.
Oct 1964 - Apr 1975
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