City Council (CC)
The Municipal Council became known as the City Council on 22 September 1951 when Singapore was formally proclaimed a City. The City Council, the local authority within the city area, consisted of a President appointed by the Governor-in-Council and 27 members of whom 18 were elected.

The City Council enjoyed a wide measure of autonomy in matters placed under its control by the Municipal Ordinance and was empowered to make by-laws but was subjected to certain safeguards. The detailed execution of City Council policies was undertaken by specialised departments concerned with health, water, electricity and so forth.

Under the Local Government Ordinance of 1957, the administration of the city area for all local government purposes was the responsibility of a City Council of 32 elected Councillors. In July 1959, the PAP Government absorbed the City Council into the central government and most of its functions were transferred to the Ministry of National Development.
Municipal Council (MC)
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