1. The crew of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) KC-135 tanker aircraft have returned from their three-month deployment in the Gulf. They were welcomed home by their families and senior SAF officers at a homecoming ceremony at Changi Air Base this evening.

2. The KC-135 deployment was part of Singapore's on-going contributions to the multinational reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. During its deployment, the detachment conducted around 350 hours of air-to-air refuelling in support of the coalition forces.

3. At the ceremony, the KC-135 Detachment Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Zakir Hamid, said, “We completed all the missions assigned to us successfully. We also gained valuable operational experience by working with some of the most advanced air forces in the world."

4. Since 2003, the SAF has made five deployments of KC-135 tanker aircraft, four deployments of Landing Ships Tank and one deployment of a C-130 transport aircraft to the Gulf.



LTC Zakir Hamid piloting the KC-135 in the Gulf
KC 135 taking off in the Gulf