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Singapore's Experiences and Efforts in Combating Diseases

Here’s a look at the public health and general well being issues in the early days and how, over the years, a combination of public education, vaccination and social support has helped to inform, reassure and protect Singaporeans.

This selection of photos, audiovisual content and oral history excerpts gives you a glimpse into some of the early challenges and how the public healthcare system has since evolved to be able to handle more recent challenges such as SARS.

Oral History Interviews

1. Oral History Interview with Dr Victor Samuel Thevathasan, Former Senior Health Officer at the Public Health Division
Acc No. 2171

Problem of itinerant hawkers and how it was solved

2.Oral History Interview with Lucy Cheng Gueh Eng, Former Director of Nursing at Woodbridge Hospital
Acc No. 1945

Stigma faced by psychiatric nursing, tuberculosis nursing and leprosy nursing, and pride felt working at Woodbridge Hospital

3. Oral History Interview with Dr Andrew Chew Guan Khuan, former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health
Acc No. 1620

Recognition of tuberculosis management by the Tan Tock Seng Hospital

4. Oral History Interview with Lee Ek Tieng, former Acting Permanent Secretary (Public Health)
Acc No. 2832

How the problem of malaria was solved through environmental checks and case tracing

Audiovisual Recordings

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1. Living With SARS
Acc No. 2008010402
Mediacorp Pte Ltd, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore

During the SARS pandemic, healthcare workers in Singapore worked tirelessly to ensure each patient is properly cared for.

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2. Insight: Lessons From SARS
Acc No. 2008010466
Mediacorp Pte Ltd, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore

Hospitals and healthcare workers took precautions such as temperature taking of the public going into hospitals and wearing protective gear in order to minimise the spread of SARS.

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3. Not Just Another Flu Ep 1
Acc No. 2008010187
Mediacorp Pte Ltd, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore

Everyone in the community has a role to play in minimising the spread of SARS, from healthcare workers, schools to each and every one of us.

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Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore

1. A tubeculosis patient gets his food tonic at the Social Welfare Department.
Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore

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