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  • 1942

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  • Japanese

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  • 2011005477

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  • Synopsis :

    Summary: This film records the Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore; how they fought the British, leading to the  British surrender at Ford Factory. Scenes include: warships, warplanes; Japanese  conquest towards the South; Arrival of British and Indian troops in Singapore; British troops in forest; British troops digging trenches; British troops patrolling the waters with artillery on low-powered speed boats; Japanese's advancement from Malayan Peninsula to Singapore; the route taken by Japanese troops to Singapore;  Britain's defensive barriers at the sea fort; Victoria Concert Hall; Statue of founder of Singapore- Sir Stamford Raffles; Architecture along Battery Road; Bunker and canons near the sea; British troops preparation and operation of warplanes.

    Scenes include: 8 December 1941- Japanese troops advancing to Malaya via sea and land; Newspaper reports of Japanese going to attack Singapore; Japanese bombing strategic locations in Singapore; Map detailing  Japanese's bases in Malaya and attack of Singapore; Japanese troops making their way from Malaya to Singapore with bicycles and tanks; Damages to the bridge at Sungei Bekok; Japanese rebuilding the bridge; Map detailing Japanese's operation in Singapore; Obstacles faced by Japanese when crossing the jungles and mangrove to Singapore; Map detailing Japanese's advancement with coordinated air and land forces; Damages to causeway  linking  Johor and Singapore; Burning buildings and houses; Warplanes dropping bombs in Singapore; Japanese generals strategising the attack of Singapore; Japanese setting up bases in Singapore.

    Scenes include: 8 February 1942- Japanese attacking Singapore via land and air (Battle of Sarimbun Beach); Japanese gaining control of Tengah Airfield; Surrender of British and Indian troops; British walking to Ford Factory, Percival surrendered to Yamashita at Ford Factory; Destruction on Singapore streets; Japanese troops in victory celebration; Japanese paying respects to their counterparts who died in combat;  captured Allied soldiers; Japanese paying respects to their deceased counterparts; Japanese tanks in Singapore; Yamashita surveying the damages, Allied soldiers clearing the streets;  civilians in occupied Singapore.

    Part 1 to 8 (full recording) is available at 2011005477 - Mare Senki Shingeki No Kiroku (1 of 8). Viewing of recording is available at the Archives Reading Room.

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