• Housing and Development Board Fonds


  • 1960s

    Record Date

  • 00:18:38

    Recorded Duration

  • English

    Recording Language

  • 2010000396

    Accession No.

  • Audiovisual


  • 16mm


  • Access permitted

    Conditions Governing Access

  • Use and reproduction require written permission from depositing agency/donor. Processing of reproduction request may require 7 working days.

    Conditions Governing Reproduction

  • Synopsis :

    Recording is a Tom Hodge production on 'Building a New Singapore', complete with commentary. Details of footage include:
    1. Long shot of external view of blocks of HDB high rise flats of various types and from different angles;
    2. Overview of Singapore, including its port, sea front, high rise, modern buildings, highways, shops;
    3. Commentary on 'situation near to chaos':
    a) roof tops of old buildings, crowds of people in narrow streets, roads full of vehicles - cars, vans, scooter, bicycles, trishaws;
    b) Singapore river - with plenty of bumboats, ships out in roads or docked, saw mills, warehouses, junkyards;
    c) roads - full of traffic, people walking; stalls selling fruit, sundry goods, food; iron works, stone masons;
    d) pavements full of small industries, vegetable stalls, but they also spill on to streets;
    e) children crossing roads, while traffic warden holds back traffic;
    f) people walking, shopping, working or relaxing;
    4. Old Singapore:
    a) old shops, say 19thC look; harbour front; shops, Ford cars;
    b) old Raffles Place, Collyer Quay, Telok Ayer Street, Boat Quay;
    c) old China town - street without vehicles; inside an old house partitioned with many  room, young woman carrying a baby and small boy beside her, climbing up stairs, which give impression of a 3-storey house; outside in a street - hawker; people eating, children playing, people just sitting down;
    d) central city area - exterior of buildings in dilapidated conditions;
    e) old buildings, houses, look unsafe, unsightly;
    f) Malay hawker, very near a drain;
    g) refuse, garbage dump - one side of road;
    h) remains of slum buildings after a fire;
    i) along street  - womenwalking, marketing; trishaws; stalls on roads;
    5. New buildings, but roads - still full of traffic with cars bumper to bumper;
    6. City centre - occupied by slums;
    7. Old district - rebuild, land being cleared;
    8. Planning - teams of professional people working together in office, studying plans;
    9. Miscellaneous - women in shops, stalls on roads; boat builders, stone masons; woman chopping greens, probably to feed animals; nearby are piglets, hens; boy splashing water from small pail on self, near him girl washing clothes;
    10. Settlement officers - meeting people, probably those to be resettled, talking to the people; man growing bean sprouts in huge wooden tubs, using well water; man talking to him; saw mill with logs, logs in river, logs in lorry and moving on to traffic very slowly; new workshop at Kranji;
    11. People taken by bus to new flats;
    12. On streets - selling of fruits, shops with stalls, man selling prawns (or something) in baskets;
    13. New high rise in new estate - exterior view;
    14. A Mrs Lim - living in crowded house with many other families; moving her things on to lorry;
    15. High rise - with clothes hanging out to dry;
    16. Reception Committee - waiting for new reisdents;
    17. Interior view of flat - new modern kitchen, clean bathroom with boy washing inside, playground with children, no traffic;
    18. New estate - sundry shops, stores selling other goods; bus rollig up to children waiting;
    19. Children playing on swings in playground;
    20. In office - men looking at maps; half-completed high rise; old houses again;
    21. Kampong Glam - mosque in Crawford Avenue from various angles;
    22. Old buildings - not in very bad condition;
    23. Models of new high rise;
    24. Maps - close up; few men looking at maps;
    25. Old, derelict buildings - close up;
    26. Model of new housing estate with landscape garden;
    27. Clothes factory with female workers at work;
    28. Golden Mile along sea front, new skyline;
    29. Inside clinic - woman carrying a baby, men, some children;
    30. Group of Malay men in Malay costume, with songkokg, walking out;
    31. Group of people - men, women, and children - meeting, talking;
    32. Two children meeting a man, likely their father.

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