• Ministry of Education Fonds


  • Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore Sub-fonds


  • Educational Television Series


  • 25/11/1974

    Record Date

  • 00:14:45

    Recorded Duration

  • English

    Recording Language

  • 2009003975

    Accession No.

  • Audiovisual


  • 2 inch (Video)


  • Access permitted

    Conditions Governing Access

  • No reproduction

    Conditions Governing Reproduction

  • Synopsis :

    This 'In The Swim' programme in the 'Adventures In Swimming' series is for Primary School students. It features a lesson on swimming. Lisa shares her experience at a swimming class. She learns how to do breathing and leg-kicking exercises, which helps her to have strong lungs and leg muscles for swimming. Lisa also shares how to do some of the front float and back float exercises. For instance, she showed how the back float exercise is done with and without kicking board support.

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