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  • 25/06/2008

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  • 25/06/2008

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  • Synopsis :

    1) Singapore: Electricity bills and pump prices will be increased due to rising oil prices. Measures will be introduced to help the poor cope with rising costs. (01:03:43)

    2) Singapore: Cities in East Asia will be linked via a network that aims to tackle challenges like climate change. Singapore will act as a facilitator of the network. Sound bite of Minister for National Development Mah Bow Tan.(01:05:52)

    3) China: Typhoon Fengshen has left Hong Kong and is moving to China. (01:07:44)

    4) Philippines: An inquiry has been launched into the ferry disaster. Relatives of victims held a protest demanding answers and access to the body remains. (01:09:22)

    5) Singapore: A Singaporean described his experience with Typhoon Fengshen in Cebu. (01:10:01)

    6) Mexico: Footage has been released on the stampede during a police raid at a club. (01:10:34)

    7) Malaysia: Top leaders have denied involvement in a high profile murder of a Mongolian model and planned to take action against the defamation. (01:11:10)

    8) Malaysia: At the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize award ceremony, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that Singapore's quest for independence of water sources started since separation from Malaysia. Sound bite of Lee Kuan Yew. (01:16:38)

    9) Singapore: Two men suffered symptoms of psychosis after consuming products bought online. Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is investigating. (01:17:52)

    10)  Singapore: O' Connor's Singapore has come up with radio frequency identification tags attached to surgical equipment and materials to keep track of them after surgery. (01:18:21)

    11)  Singapore: Fosters Caf´┐Ż at Holland Village has been robbed but the thieves left a recording of their actions. (01:19:54)

    12)  Singapore: National Museum of Singapore is organising Singapore's first Night Festival which will feature performances outside the museum. (01:20:24)

    13)  Business: Singapore will collaborate with Bahrain and United Arab Emirates to enhance water development. (01:25:35)

    14)  Business: A decision on interest rates by the United States (US) Federal Reserve will be out today. (01:25:51)

    15)  Sports: Results of Wimbledon. (01:26:28)

    16)  Sports: Fans are in a celebratory mood for Euro 2008. (01:28:17)

    17)  Sports: Many players from the Euro 2008 Turkey team are injured or suspended. (01:28:43)

    18)  Dubai: The world's first rotating skyscraper will be built in Dubai. (01:29:00)

    19)  Singapore: The theme song for the Singapore International Water Week is called "Alive". (01:29:47)

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