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  • Passion 99.5 Series


  • 28/02/1998

    Record Date

  • 03/08/1998

    Broadcast/Release Date

  • 00:55:10

    Recorded Duration

  • Cantonese

    Recording Language

  • 2007003621

    Accession No.

  • Sound


  • 10 inch Open Reel Audiotape


  • Access permitted

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  • Synopsis :

    This recording is of a programme on traditional Asian arts called Wayang Wayang, and this episode features the Cantonese Opera titled 'Romance of the Purple Hairpin (Zi Cai Ji)'. The guest, Ms Joanna Wong is an artistic director of Chinese Theatre Circle. Her explanations include: origins, theme songs, storyline, characters, stylistic elements, type of language and dialect used, components of the opera, movements and symbolism, different styles of opera between Hong Kong and mainland China, and length of an opera.

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