Djangan Meloepaken Diri

  • OMG-6977, OMG-6991

    Matrix Number(s)

  • Siti Noer'aini


  • Malay


  • 1941

    Date Released

  • 2016003927

    Accession Number

  • 00:06:29

    Recorded Duration

  • Sound


  • Access permitted

    Conditions Governing Access

  • Use and reproduction require written permission from NAS

    Conditions Governing Reproduction

  • Description


    A1 Matrix No.: OMG-6977 Artist: Siti Noer'aini Title: Djangan Meloepaken Diri B1 Matrix No.: OMG-6991 Artist: Siti Noer'aini Title: Keroepoek Oedang

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