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  • 1941-1945

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    Surrender In The Pacific
    Cebu Island, Philippines - U.S. troops march Japanese POWs along a Pacific island road and Japanese commander hands over sabre in  surrender -  gathering captured swords and guns. Baguio, Luzon - Japanese officer Yamashita signs surrender documents as Generals Wainwright and Percival and  other Allied generals look on. Yamashita enters prison. Surrender of Marcus Islands aboard US Destroyer Bagley. Japanese signing. Wake Island -  Destroyed Japanese bases - marines hoisting American flag. Wrecked US planes. Singapore  - GVs city - British Royal Marines go ashore at Pennang? after local surrender agreement.  Aerials destruction.  British patrol streets and fire from buildings - Japanese soldiers surrender. Nanking - Japanese surrender to Chiang Kai-Shek. Shanghai aerials - Chinese boy sews American flag - civilians waving US and Chinese (not PRC) flags. South Korea - US troops enter Seoul - signing surrender- John Hodge.  Japanese flag hauled down and hoisting American flag. Emaciated released American POWs welcome ship come to rescue them - POWs drink from flask - inside liberated Japanese POW camp with prisoners - victims show traces of beatings - Red Cross packages - graves - Japanese guards bow to departing prisoners.  Liberated prisoners board train, trucks & boats to return home.  Hospital ship Benevolence. LS carrier with plane formation above - MacArthur quote in VO ... my earnest hope that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood of carnage... founded upon faith and understanding... (English)

    Japanese News
    Japanese naval officer announces the sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse in the Malay Sea as Japanese newsmen take notes. Flashbacks show the two British warships in Singapore harbour and at sea.
    Part 2, Japanese transport planes fly over the Celebes; aerial views show the smoking ruins below. Japanese troops parachuted, assemble and go into action and fire a field gun. Officer briefing assembled troops - small group civilians sitting on ground. Japanese bombers attack allied warships in the Java Sea - in formation above clouds - nose art: doll painted -  bombs burst in a ship's wake. (Japanese)

    Celebrations for 10th Anniversary of Manchuria's Rebirth
    Top shot pan large crowds gathered at square in Hsin-Ching.  Imperial members arrive.  Manchurian Minister of State and Prime Minister representing Manchuria read document from podium, Manchurian national anthem words superimposed over man conducting band.  Masses of birds fly over square - military aircraft fly past - crowds of Manchurians raising their hands in Banzai salute. Tokyo - another Imperial member extends his well wishes on anniversary.  Tojo from Tokyo sends greetings.  Ambassador of Manchuria proposes Banzai.  Unid. factory and equipment.  Anshan steelworks, foundry in operation.  Numerous scenes of Homan Dam under construction somewhere along the Sung Hua River.  Various types of generators and turbines under construction.  Dam as water flows through. Manchurian pilots on field prepare to take off from Hsin-Ching air base, Manchuria; LS taxiing fighter planes. VS Japanese military formation pay their respects at memorial erected in Singapore honouring war dead.  VS British soldiers, prisoners of war captured by Japanese, pay respects at memorial.  Wrestling match held before Japanese and British PoWs. (Mute)

    Japan Conquers Singapore
    Aerial of buildings by water & heavy black smoke in background.  Guns firing l to r.  Japanese gun crews. Map showing arrows to target.  Boats moving in low light across Johore strait.  CU of Japanese marching through mud, truck off ferry past camera, guns, tanks, troops moved up.  Huge balloon moved through trees. 3-star Gen Yamashita in conference.  Troops along road; planes over & heavy smoke clouds.  View from plane of fires.  Captured Australians British & Indians with arms raised.  Japanese airmen by field, damaged British planes.  Japanese past camera.  3-Star Gen. Utaguchi on hill with binoculars. Japanese gun crew firing.  Infantry put bayonets on rifle & advance.  Search British soldier surrendering. Advance on road w/ equipment.  Pay respects to grave of ??  Refugees. Gen. Percival & ?? surrendering w/ white flag.  At table signing papers of surrender w/ Yamashita.  Ford Company under camouflage.  Small tanks through streets of ??  Japanese troops on bicycles. (Japanese)

    Japanese sailors march on parade ground
    Captured American prisoners of war walk down Peiping (Peking, Beijing) street - several captured GIs embark freight train.  POWs seated in room  -  Group of captured US personnel come on deck - Commander sends message to the President saying they were captured on Wake Island by the Japanese and were being treated well (Japanese subtitles in vision). Saigon Street scene - taping windows against blast damage - buildings sandbagged - digging trenches for air raid shelter.  Front of British Embassy  - car parked in front of Japanese official building, British ambassador enters building. British embassy, probably Japan - American embassy probably Japan. Newspaper headlines re Pearl Harbor (Japanese) Tojo (Japanese PM )  makes speech.  Head of Japanese War Information Centre makes speech.  News bulletin - moving electric banner showing battle results of December 8th.  Japanese naval and army officers announce battle results - press. Map of Pacific area - Japanese troops in tropical area preparing for battle - Japanese tanks and armoured cars advance on road - coconut trees. President Roosevelt (FDR) and Churchill meeting on British Battleship Prince of Wales - British preparing for action in Singapore - unloading military equipment from ships - Indian troops - British troops and artillery on parade ground. (Japanese)

    Japanese Imperial Navy
    Anchor being hauled from water  - Japanese battleship - Imperial crest - bow of ship through water - Japanese flag - animated map.  British Battleship in dock before launch. Union Jack flying - British sailors - Prince of Wales underway - British destroyer or destroyer escort underway . British sailor operating wheel. Bow of Battleship above main deck - gun turrets in foreground. Sailors train pom-pom guns. Fire Ack Ack guns. Wake of ship, Life ring with inscription Prince of Wales hanging on bulkhead. AV bombing of Singapore - black smoke pall. Japanese Flag flying from ship. LS fleet at sea. Japanese marines in combat uniform on transport ship. Japanese l officers drink toast before battle. Ships underway ( very poor quality ) Japanese troops running through water. Animated map Japanese twin engine planes drop paratroops. Parachutes in sky. Japanese pilots on field  walk towards planes. Aircraft take off. Planes in sky. Three US ships underway, bombs being dropped - aerial views. Simulated battle of the Java Sea. (Japanese)

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