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    Japanese adults and children boarding vessel to return to Japan after Japanese surrender. (English)

    Singapore Today - Nice shots Singapore includes Government buildings  - HQ SEAC - Junks - washing hanging from windows. Street scenes. Children eating at open air cafe. European women in rickshaws. Market stall with bananas. Two A.T.S. girls shopping. Locals painting paper lanterns - ATS girls buying underwear and shoes. Handbags and fabric. Top shot Singapore. (English)

    Fall of Singapore
    Smoke over Singapore - street scenes - burning buildings - British troops and locals.
    RAF pose around aircraft - bombing up plane - aircraft in flight. British refugees women and children with belongings at dockside - boarding ship - soldier holding skull. Smiling British officer and men. Firefighting. Flock of ducks waddling across street. Pilots run to aircraft - take offs- three planes in flight formation. Docks women wave from deck of ship. Firefighting in now flooded streets of shanty town. Refugees up gangplank of ship. (Mute)

    Battle of the Malay Sea and Singapore
    Part 1, Japanese bombers and torpedo planes attack the British battleships Prince of Wales and Repulse in the Malay Sea. Shows the warships burning, exploding, and sinking. some re-enactment  with models. Japanese pilots in plane using radio to tell of sinking.
    Part 2, Japanese artillery fires in the Malay jungle. Animated map. Japanese troops cross the Johore Strait from Malay to Singapore in small boats and wade ashore with equipment. Artillery fires and planes bomb as Japanese infantry troops  advance along a muddy road. More artillery fire.  Good natural sound fx. Japanese planes bomb Singapore - burns, smoke air to air shots Japanese aircraft. Japanese soldier fixes bayonet - charge through jungle. Japanese wounded are carried to the rear. British officer surrenders - searched by Japanese. British delegation of officers and men carrying white flag and Union Jack . Brit. General Percival and Japanese Gen. Yamashita sign surrender terms for Singapore. Meeting appears to be in Ford Factory.  Burning vehicles and bomb damaged buildings. Japanese troops "Banzai." (Japanese)

    Review of WW II in Pacific on First Anniversary
    Chinese titles - This is a Japanese propaganda movie for Chinese with Chinese subtitles.
    MLS Japanese planes taking off flight deck.  A-G MLS Pearl Harbor being bombed. MLS Japanese army trucks loaded with soldiers, moving down street in Shanghai. LA MLS Japanese flag flying on top of impressive western style building. MLS Japanese marines marching down street in Shanghai.  Japanese soldier handing propaganda sheets to crowd of Chinese people on street.  Japanese marines in combat uniform, advancing on roof of building large gas tanks burning in FG.  Gas tanks burning black smoke rising into sky. Formation of aircraft. MS High ranking Japanese officers on horseback  down street.  MLS Japanese marines advancing through grassy field burning tanks in FG. MS Japanese tanks advancing down road on Hainan Island, natives standing alongside road, watching them. MS Japanese soldiers firing field guns. First loader opens and loads gun.  MS Japanese soldiers advancing through jungle area. MS Surrendered British soldiers coming toward camera with hands up. MLS British soldiers coming out of grove of trees in vicinity of Singapore. MLS Several high ranking British officers coming down road with Japanese Officers carrying white flag of surrender and Union Jack. Interior - surrender signed. MS Japanese soldiers cheering Banzai. Formation of aircraft. MS Map of Celebes Islands. Several two-engine Japanese planes dropping paratroopers.  Paratroopers coming down, sky, low mountains, and grassy field in FG. Japanese troops on ground, ready for action. Map showing Pacific Island.  Japanese tanks advance along jungle road. Japanese soldiers riding on bicycles on road through tropical jungle market building in FG. Natives cheering Japanese soldiers. High-ranking unidentified officers talking. (Mandarin)

    News Events from Inside Defeated Japan
    Omori Prisoner of War Camp, US guards. Japanese War criminals - secret police chief and Col Hashimoto. General Koroda and General Hama. First pix of Hideki Tojo who since suicide attempt is shunned by other prisoners. US army troops dig for buried treasure - they uncover trap door and find stash of silver ingots.  Japanese shows troops another load of ingots hidden in barn.  Japanese tanks demolished as part of the disarmament of Japan, explosions. Malaya - Japanese officers surrender swords to British - running at double time. Japanese prisoners march past British on review stand. (English)

    Crisis in the Pacific
    Singapore Naval Base:  Formations of biplanes fly overhead.  Well-dressed English women with officer.  Naval ships at anchor with bunting; steamship moving into dock.  Local women.  Naval ceremony, troops march past.  MCU British Naval White Ensign flag flying from boat. (Mute)

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