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  • 15/02/1999

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  • 15/02/1999

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  • Synopsis :

    1.  Indonesia: An Indonesian senior minister said the government plans to maintain good ties with Singapore. This came after local papers in Singapore complained about the Indonesian President's comment on Singapore's defence policy. (00:01:22)

    2.  East Timor: A civil war is imminent in East Timor due to rapid development. (00:03:35)

    3.  Hong Kong: The High Court blocked the deportation of Chinese nationals due to be sent back to China today. (00:05:28)

    4.  Japan: Japan's current account surplus racked up a record billion dollars. (00:06:39)

    5.  Thailand: A tour bus crashed into the back of a truck killing two people. (00:08:25)

    6.  Singapore: In his Chinese New Year message, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong called on Singaporeans to remain socially cohesive to see them through difficult times. (00:12:41)

    7.  Singapore: The Committee on the Administration of Muslim Law (Amendment) Bill has upheld the current jurisdiction of the civil court to hear cases pertaining to Muslim divorces. (00:14:36)

    8.  Singapore: Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) held a memorial service for victims of the Japanese Occupation. Sound bite of Minister for Information and the Arts George Yeo. (00:16:09)

    9.  Singapore: Schools celebrated Total Defence Day. (00:17:49)

    10.  Singapore: Sales at the Chinatown Bazaar have been low. (00:19:11)

    11.  Singapore: More families hold their reunion dinner in advance. (00:20:13)

    12.  Australia: Two Singaporean men have been charged in the Australian court for importing drugs. (00:24:12)

    13.  Singapore: A couple who are 70-year-old retirees has been robbed. The two suspects are at large. (00:25:44)

    14.  Singapore: The movie, Liang Po Po, broke the record of Titanic. (00:26:54)

    15.  Indonesia: A reminder of headline news. An Indonesian senior minister said the government plans to maintain good ties with Singapore. (00:28:24)

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