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  • Ministry of Culture Fonds


  • Berita Singapura Series


  • 1965

    Record Date

  • 1965

    Broadcast/Release Date

  • 00:07:20

    Recorded Duration

  • English

    Recording Language

  • 1982000299

    Accession No.

  • Audiovisual


  • U-Matic


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  • Synopsis :

    1. Repeat scenes of women talking to and cheering up patients in hospital; patient waving goodbye; nurse listening to conversation; presenting fruits to patients.

    2. Old dilapidated shophouses; clothes hanging out on bamboo poles to dry; heavy traffic; lorries, cars, scooters, pedestrians; aerial view of streets; makeshift shops in streets; crowds thronging the narrow alleys to buy things; roadside food sellers; vegetable seller; drink seller on cart; model of Singapore; model of blocks of flats; Hajjah Fatimah Mosque; demolishing of buildings; new flats and carpark; Malay woman in her house folding clothes; woman washing dishes in the kitchen; girl placing record on turntable; living room scene.

    3. Man making a paper house; putting up walls and roof; making paper furniture; furnishing the house; decorating the house; placing of car and servants; view of house; figurines in house; offerings of drink, food, roast pig; priests chanting; mourners in traditional mourning garb; prayer procession; burning of the paper house and car; family walking around the ashes.

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