• Ministry of Culture Fonds


  • Berita Singapura Series


  • 1965

    Record Date

  • 1965

    Broadcast/Release Date

  • 00:08:16

    Recorded Duration

  • English

    Recording Language

  • 1982000295

    Accession No.

  • Audiovisual


  • U-Matic


  • Access permitted

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  • Synopsis :

    1. School building; school's name; sculpture; students lining up in hall; teacher conducting a lesson in the classroom; students learning Malay; students listening; repeat shots of the teacher and students; assembly time; student blowing the bugle; raising the national flag; shots of the students singing; Singapore flag flapping in the wind; various scenes of a science lesson in the laboratories; home economics class; girls cooking; a balanced meal being prepared; art class; still life sketching; art works of students; physical education lesson; dancing lesson; cadet corps at training; marching; police cadets; marching.

    2. Singapore's champion pole vaulter, Mohammad Mansua, running; vaulting over; landing on mattress; getting up; preparing to vault; running; landing; coach, Tan Eng Loon, giving comments; running; vaulting; landing; getting up; exercising and stretching; doing backflips over pole; jogging; practising vaulting routine.

    3. Woman pinning up her hair; putting on wig; adjusting wig; woman putting on wig; pinning her hair; long ponytail wig; crowded hair salon; trying on the wig; hairdresser trimming the wig; curling the hair; perming; taking out the curlers; putting finishing touches; woman taking out her wig; keeping wig on a stand; woman putting on a wig.

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