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  • Berita Singapura Series


  • 1969

    Record Date

  • 1969

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  • 00:07:11

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  • English

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  • 1982000261

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  • U-Matic


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  • Synopsis :

    1. Baharuddin Vocational School; students at woodwork classes; sandpapering table top; using machine to cut wood; metalwork lessons; handmade utensils; modern machinery; students attending a class in the laboratory; girls learning first aid; dress-making; instructions on sewing; handicraft; clothes; handmade household and decorative items.

    2. House with stilts in water; men building small boats - sampan, tongkang, fishing vessels; putting parts of the boat together; making modern pleasure crafts; shipliners in the horizon; ships in dock; Tutong, large ship at Jurong Shipyard; spectators; Mrs Goh Keng Swee officiating launch of largest ship built in Singapore and Malaysia; Temburong, landing craft being launched into the water.

    3. Festival of Sports (Pesta Sukan) Badminton game in progress; time keeper and referee; spectators; volleyball game; race carting; sepak takraw; women's soccer; male spectators; table tennis games; and basketball.

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