Poentjak Doenia

  • Test Pressing ; OMG-7207

    Record Label ; Catalogue Number

  • OMG-7207

    Matrix Number(s)

  • Miss Woo


  • Malay


  • 1941

    Date Released

  • 10 inch Shellac Disc


  • 78 rpm


  • 2016003802

    Accession Number

  • 00:03:12

    Recorded Duration

  • Sound


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  • Use and reproduction require written permission from copyright owner(s). Processing of reproduction request may require 7 working days.

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  • Description


    Matrix No.: OMG-7207
    Artist: Miss Woo
    Title: Poentjak Doenia

    In celebration of UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on 27 October, the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) will be releasing a series of test pressings under ‘Sounds of Yesteryear’, an ongoing initiative to stream online one newly digitised pre-World War II recording every week throughout 2017. Test pressings are rare artefacts, produced in small quantities of a handful per recording, to check for quality of the recordings, or for a record company to select which recordings to issue for commercial release. There are 84 test pressings in NAS's collection.

    The majority of these recordings were created in late 1941 and intended for release under the Extra Record label. However, the Japanese invasion of Singapore a few months later put a halt to commercial record activity, and the recordings were never released. These are the only surviving copies. By digitising and streaming these recordings online, NAS aims to highlight the importance of audiovisual preservation in keeping this unique part of Singapore’s music history alive.

    'Poentjak Doenia' (loosely translated as 'Top of the World') describes how wonderful it would be to stay on top of the world, far away from worldly disturbances.

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