Performer: Miss Tijah; Che Tijah

Miss Tijah (full name: Che’ Wan Tijah binti Daud) was a famous Singapore-based Malay opera performer. She was born in Pontianak c. 1906, a descendent of one of the Rajahs of Pontianak. Miss Tijah began performing at age 12 with the Kung Hup Malay Opera. Her Singapore career began in 1919 with the Nahar Opera. In 1923, she joined the Star Opera Co., which became the Union Star Opera Co. in 1926. She later performed with Dean’s Opera Co. Together with her husband Mr K. Dean and her elder sister Miss Salmah, Miss Tijah was considered one of the “Big Four” of Malay bangsawan in the 1930s. She recorded in Singapore for Chap Kuching, HMV, Chap Singa, and Columbia (1934-1951), and also made a promotional record for Wood’s Peppermint Cure in 1937. Miss Tijah died in Singapore in 1964.

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