Public Call for Archives on 14 July 2018 

Do you have old photographs which captured a kampong scene or an iconic landmark, or documents of an organisation that you once worked at that is no longer in operation, or audio-visual materials such as radio and television programmes which were broadcast in the early days of Singapore? These items hold untold stories of Singapore.


The National Archives of Singapore is on a search for these materials with the following themes:


  • - Old photographs of landmarks
  • - Materials of old organisations that are no longer in operation
  • - Audio-visual materials of radio and television programmes


If you have something interesting to contribute, donate your materials at this event!

Time: 11:00am to 4:00pm
Date: Saturday, 14 July 2018
Venue: Level 10, Promenade, National Library Building


For details, please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the objective of inviting members of the public to donate historical materials to NLB?


The National Archives of Singapore (NAS) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In conjunction with this, we would like to invite you to donate historical materials related to Singapore's past. The donated materials will further enrich the current collections we have on Singapore's history and heritage.


2. What are the materials that I can donate?


We hope to receive the following materials dated before 1970:


    • i. Photographs of landmarks

    • Photographs featuring past landmarks of Singapore, for example the Satay Club and Kallang Gasworks, as well as the activities which were held there.  
    • ii. Organisations that are no longer in operation

    • Materials such as documents, correspondence, collaterals, posters, invoices and publications of organisations that no longer exist.  

In addition, we are looking for audio-visual materials, specifically:


    • 1. The first television broadcast on 15 Feb 1963
    • 2. The 1969 National Day Rally speech (video)
    • 3. Broadcasts of Malaysia Cup football matches featuring Singapore teams, and
    • 4. 'Kids Adventure', a series of Chinese-language public service broadcast programmes produced by Peach Blossom production house in 2006.

3. What will happen to the materials donated to NLB?  

 During the event, we will conduct a preliminary appraisal of the materials donated. This is a quick on-the-spot assessment to determine if the materials meet our specified themes. A full assessment of the materials will be carried out after the event to determine the suitability of the materials to be added to our collection. If deemed suitable, the materials will be added to our collection and preserved for posterity. These materials may also be made available for members of the public for various uses, such as personal research, academic work, publications or exhibitions.


4. Where will my donated items be kept?

  Donated items will be kept in secure and appropriate storage facilities.


5. I have some records to donate and will be coming to the event on 14 July. What should I take note of?

  If you have a large collection to donate, we would encourage you to take photos and bring down a few of these materials for our preliminary appraisal. If the materials are suitable, we will make an appointment to view the rest of your collection.


6. Who can I contact if I have any queries?

  Please send your queries to We will get in touch with you within 5 working days.