(1)    International Council of Archives (ICA)

International Council of Archives (ICA)


The International Council of Archives is the professional organisation for the world archival community, dedicated to promoting the preservation, development, and use of the world’s archival heritage. It brings together national archive administrations, professional associations of archivists, regional and local archives of other organisations as well as individual archivists, from more than 180 countries and territories. The National Archives of Singapore has benefited for the conferences organised by ICA where staff can share ideas and exchange expertise with other countries.

(2)    Southeast Asian Regional Branch International Council on Archives (SARBICA)

Southeast Asian Regional Branch International Council on Archives (SARBICA)


The National Archives of Singapore is a member of the Southeast Asian Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives, established during the Inaugural Conference of SARBICA in Kuala Lumpur on 9 July 1968. It had the distinction to be the first regional branch of ICA and is responsible for carrying out the policy and programmes of ICA in this region. At present, SARBICA comprises the National Archives Institutions of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.