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  Who is Mr HDB? Who drafted our Proclamation of Independence and the Pledge? Find out about these and more at the exhibition, which commemorates the achievements of the First Cabinet of the Republic of Singapore.

Curated by the National Archives of Singapore, the exhibition is part of a larger collaboration with the National Library Board to bring greater awareness to Singaporeans about the contributions of our pioneer political leaders, who helped to shape the destiny of this nation. “10 Years That Shaped A Nation, 1965-1975” is made up of the Travelling Exhibition, a Resource Guide as well as an Online Essay Competition for students.

The travelling exhibition is organised thematically into five parts starting with a historical background on the major political milestones that led to Singapore’s independence and the situation faced in 1965. Four broad themes will be highlighted to cover the areas of political survival, economic viability, public health and social unity to illustrate how the Cabinet Ministers and its team had formulated policies and initiatives leading to their implementation that transformed Singapore. Visitors can explore pockets of interesting information throughout this exhibition.


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