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The Live Notes are the sources and references used in the exhibition catalogue. For readers who have a copy of the catalogue, please click on the following:

Section 1
Looking Back - Political Milestones Leading to the Birth of the Republic

Section 2
Making Friends and Defending Our Sovereignty

Section 3
The Story of an Economic Miracle

Section 4
Caring for the Nation

Section 5
Living Together in Harmony



10 Years That Shaped A Nation, 1965-1975

Published by: The National Archives of Singapore

10 men. 10 years. They represent a crucial period where critical decisions and actions were made that helped shape the destiny of Singapore to this day. This catalogue complements and documents the travelling exhibition of the same title, which was launched on 28 July 2007, and records the many poignant stories on the contributions by the First Cabinet and Singapore's first decade of nation building. The catalogue is organised thematically into 5 parts - starting with a brief historical overview on key political milestones followed by four broad themes covering foreign relations and defence, economic development, public health and social harmony. Box stories such as on Constitution of Singapore, State Symbols, Water Supply, Family Planning Policy and Proclamation of Singapore give added interest. The lessons from these 10 years will inspire us in years to come and better appreciate where Singapore stands today.

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In the month of August 2010, two 30-minute documentaries

  1. 10 Years That Shaped A Nation, 1965 - 1975
  2. The 2nd Decade - Nation Building In Progress, 1975 - 1985

will be screened at Memories At Old Ford Factory in celebration of National Day. These two new shows based on NAS’ travelling exhibitions will give invaluable insights into Singapore’s struggles for survival and efforts to build a cohesive, stable and viable nation from 1965 - 1975, as well as the new opportunities and challenges faced by a rapidly evolving young nation and society from 1975 - 1985.





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