There was a time when postal codes consisted of only 4 digits and when the Singapore River was a scene of filth lined with shacks and roadside hawkers. There was also a time when people wondered how the MRT, the most popular mode of public transport today, could actually impact their lives and when farmers got paid for their crops when asked to relocate. Those were the years between 1975 and 1985, the second decade that follows the first 10 years of independence. It was a time of both opportunities and obstacles; a time for improvements and new challenges.

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1975 - 1985

The beginning is always the toughest, or is it? 10 years since the birth of our nation in 1965, Singapore arrived at an enviable position after enjoying stabilising peace and rapid economic growth during its first decade.

Much has been done to put in place policies, systems and infrastructures, to haul this new country from a time of uncertainty to a period of self-assured sovereignty. Yet fresh challenges abound for the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his cabinet as Singapore braced herself for another decade of nation building. The challenges ahead, and the benefits to be reaped, in the ten years from 1975 onwards, present both obstacles and opportunities for an evolving Singapore, particularly as a young society.

As with its precursor, ‘10 Years that Shaped a Nation, 1965 - 1975, ‘The 2nd Decade - Nation Building In Progress, 1975 - 1985’ showcases the struggles, decisions, predicaments faced by Singapore in her journey to achieving what Singaporeans can enjoy today.

Launched officially on 13th Aug 2009 at Tanjong Pagar Community Centre, ‘The 2nd Decade - Nation Building In Progress, 1975 - 1985’ is now open for booking as a travelling exhibition to enrich and enthrall our young generation.

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‘The 2nd Decade - Nation Building In Progress, 1975 - 1985 ( 继往开来 - 新加坡建国的第二个十年, 1975 - 1985) ’ catalogue.

IBSN: 9789810848583

Pages: 320

In the month of August, two 30-minute documentaries

  1. 10 Years That Shaped A Nation, 1965 - 1975
  2. The 2nd Decade - Nation Building In Progress, 1975 - 1985 ( 继往开来 - 新加坡建国的第二个十年, 1975 - 1985)

will be screened at Memories At Old Ford Factory in celebration of National Day. These two new shows based on NAS’ travelling exhibitions will give invaluable insights into Singapore’s struggles for survival and efforts to build a cohesive, stable and viable nation from 1965 - 1975, as well as the new opportunities and challenges faced by a rapidly evolving young nation and society from 1975 - 1985.


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