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  Accessing Our Collections

The Treasure Trove - Our Holdings

As of April 2012, NAS held 4.55 million records of public agencies, 2,362 volumes of Straits Settlements records, 43,598 files of political speeches and press releases, 6.83 million photographs, slides and negatives, 246,120 maps and building plans, 6,082 posters, 122,000 audio-visual recordings (78,000 recorded hours) and 3,552 oral history interviews (18,904 recorded hours).

As the official custodian of public records, NAS protects the integrity of archival records in its custody through conservation and preservation.

Access to Public Records

Public records may be open for public access after twenty-five years of their creation subject to any conditions or restrictions imposed by the office, officer or person from whom the public records were acquired.

Access to the archives may be via the Archives Reading Room of the NAS or through Archives Online, our one-stop portal for our archival holdings, The site allows users worldwide to search for information across the various independent databases of NAS and users view selected photographs, maps and plans, listen to oral history interview samplers and watch snippets of audio-visual recordings.


Last Updated on 06 November 2012

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