About this site

Off the Record (phrase): not on the record; done, held, etc. unofficially or confidentially or in confidence; not to be made public or attributed to source. Also (usu. hyphenated) as adj.

Off the Record is a collection of original articles written by NAS archivists in an informal and somewhat off the usual officious style. It began as a platform for our colleagues to house these articles and interesting tidbits of information, which may not have found a suitable home in the structured work that we do. Yet it felt cruel letting these short stories that we stumbled upon slide back into obscurity. Hence, the idea of Off the Record was born, a platform for these articles to get their five minutes of fame. So while the articles on Off the Record are written in confidence, we certainly do wish to make them public and definitely attributable to source(s).

Records—regardless of their medium and format—are the lifeblood of NAS.  Collectively, these articles on Off the Record speak of not only the multi-varied and important collection housed within the National Archives of Singapore, but also how different stories may emerge from what may initially have been assumed to be familiar. What is off-the-record always has its roots from the records.

Categories assigned to the topics have remained intentionally broad to allow serendipity to flourish. Evergreen categories such as events, personalities, places, record-centric, records (or collection)-centric, and behind-the-scenes articles are accompanied by certain thematic series depending on our ongoing or past projects.

So join us on our Off the Record journey, of our records and people.