1.         River Valley High School (RVHS) will offer the Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese) (BSP(C)) starting from year 2007. RVHS BSP(C) will admit approximately 60 students in its first year. The BSP(C) students of RVHS will also be eligible for the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) scholarship scheme. 

2.         River Valley High School is currently working on their detailed BSP(C) curriculum and will be announcing the details soon.


3.         BSP(C) was first implemented in the Hwa Chong family of schools (Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang Girls´┐Ż High School) and Dunman High School in year 2005. It is a 4-year programme starting from Secondary 3 to JC 2, which aims to nurture a bicultural orientation amongst a core group of students.  The programme will help them to develop an interest in and capacity to engage China as well as relate to the West. Students will go through a more intensive Chinese curriculum and significant immersion in China.

4.         MOE offers SAP Scholarships to highly able students in the BSP(C).  Like the Humanities and Language Elective Programme (LEP) scholars, the SAP scholars will be given a scholarship allowance of $1000 per annum. Their school fees will also be waived. In addition, they will also receive funding for immersion in China for up to 6 months, and in another country for another 2 weeks, during their 4-year programme. At the JC-level, these scholars will take Chinese Language and Literature at H2 level, and China Studies[1] in Chinese at H1 or H2 level in the new JC curriculum.




5 Feb 06

[1] China Studies at the JC-level is available from 2007.