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Resumption of live pig imports from Pulau Bulan



With the decision to allow the resumption of live pig imports from Pulau Bulan into Singapore with effect from 26 Apr 99 (Monday), the first export consignment is expected to leave Pulau Bulan on 25 Apr 99 in the late afternoon. PPD officers will inspect the pigs to ensure that they are healthy and properly identified before loading into barges for transport to Singapore. The consignment, comprising some 818 pigs, is expected to arrive in Singapore in the early morning (estimated at about 3 - 4 am) on 26 Apr 99.


The pigs will be unloaded at 6.45 am - 7 am after they arrive in Singapore. PPD officers will inspect the pigs for health and identification during unloading. The consignment will then be transferred directly to the Hog Auction Market (HAM) and abattoir in Jurong. The consignment will again be inspected for health and identification as they are unloaded into the holding pens. The pigs will be auctioned from 10 am onwards. They will subsequently be rested for a day before they are slaughtered on Tuesday (27 Apr 99) morning from 8 am onwards.



Cold Chain System


After slaughter, the pig carcasses will be sent for immediate chilling for 10 to 12 hours. The chilled carcasses are then transferred in refrigerated trucks to approved meat cutting plants (licensed by PPD) for cutting into primal cuts (e.g. shoulder, leg, ribs, loin and belly meat, etc). These chilled primal cuts will then be transported under refrigerated conditions (e.g. in refrigerated trucks or chilling bins) to retail outlets for sale. We expect the first batch of primal cuts from Bulan pigs to be available for sale to the public at retail outlets on Wednesday (28 Apr 99) morning.



Additional information on chilled meat can be obtained from PPD�s Internet homepage at the following address :








24 APRIL 1999