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NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF SINGAPORE displays metadata of the Straits Settlements, Overseas and Private Records in this database to aid researchers and members of the public who wish to read or refer to these records.

Subject to copyright and access conditions, these records are available for reading and reference at the Archives Reading Room which is located at Level 11 of the National Library Building from 9 October 2017. For more information, please visit

You will find information regarding access and use of these records in the metadata for each record. In addition, please go to "COPYRIGHT AND ACCESS CONDITIONS" to find out more about access and use of these records. Email enquiries to

If the purpose is not only to view or refer to the records or extracts but to use them e.g. in a project or event or publication, the user has to provide full details of the intended use including owner of project or event, nature and objective of project/event (whether in a publication, documentary, thesis, exhibition, display, event, advertisement, promotion literature, play, product, artwork, etc.), intended audience and other relevant information.

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NAS reserves the right to review and change the access condition of the records in its collection.

Any approval given to a specific request to reproduce and use records or extracts, as indicated in the application or order form is for the specified one-time usage and the records or extracts cannot be re-used for other purpose or distributed or communicated to other parties.

Any permission granted by NAS will only be to the extent of NAS’s ownership of the rights relating to the records. The responsibility for ascertaining whether any additional rights exist and for obtaining all necessary permissions remains with the user.

In all instances, it is the user’s obligation to satisfy copyright or other requirements as imposed by the donor or source.

Please note that due to privacy and security reasons, we will be unable to provide contact details of donors, depositors and other persons that users might wish to contact in relations to the records.

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If you wish to obtain copies of records, please visit the Archives Reading Room (ARR). The National Archives of Singapore does not provide document delivery service.

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Reproduction cost for printing copies at the ARR will be levied based on the number and size of the pages printed.

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The Reproduction Cost is to cover the cost of reproducing the record and is based on the formats and sizes that you choose.

Size Costs (excluding GST)
Microfilm Printer
A4 0.42
A3 0.70
Computer Printout
A4 0.28
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