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Our interviewees come from all walks of life.
Their individual stories make up the strands that go into the rich tapestry of Singapore’s history.
The interviewer-interviewee dynamic is a critical factor for a successful interview.
A good interviewer helps put the interviewee at ease and facilitates in eliciting a rich, detailed account of the past.
We have three in-house recording studios, specifically designed to reproduce the comfort of a living room environment, but also acoustically
treated to minimise environmental sounds and ensure high quality recordings.
Our team comprises interviewers, transcribers, audio technicians and support staff who dedicate ourselves to the capturing, preserving and
documenting of the nation’s memories.
Our vast collection of archival CDs, archival DVDs, open reel tapes, high grade cassettes are housed in climate-controlled repositories with
round-the-clock environmental monitoring.
We conduct oral history training workshops and seminars for schools, institutions and community groups, and encourage groups to embark
on their own oral history projects.

Highlights of Oral History Interviews
Literary Scene in Singapore (Chinese) Mdm Tham Yew Chin (pen name You Jin 尤今) was interviewed for the project on the development of Singapore’s Chinese literary scene. She was a teacher and a renowned writer who has published more than 150 books in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
About the Oral History Centre
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