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Topographic Map
Singapore And Johore Bahru
Map shows landscape, land use, physical features, settlements, transport, agricultural plantations, villages, dairy farms, quarries, rubber factories, brickworks factories, airfields, forest reserves, rivers, schools, hospitals, barracks, cemeteries, Sungei Buloh Estate, Namazie Estate, Bajau Estate, Yun Nam Estate, Bulim Estate, Tong Bee Estate, Mandai Tekong Estate, Wee Soon Chuan Plantation, Singapore United Plantation, Kampong Amoy Quee, Kampong Jawa, Fruit and Pineapple Experimental Station,  and others.  Inset: Pulau Salu, Pulau Sudong, Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang, Pulau Biola, Pulau Satumu, and others
20120001652 - 0006
HIND 1035, Sheet 3L/12, 4th Edition
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Singapore And Johore Bahru