Topographic Map
Singapore. Instrumental Plot - Tanglin and Holland
Map shows contours, buildings, housing estates, steep slopes, masts, Public Utilities Board Pipeline, Hammer's Court, Tyersall Park, Kintyre Park Estate, Sommerville Estate, Buona Vista Secondary School, Min Chu Chinese Secondary School, Malaysian High Commission Office, Lutheran Church, Holland Road, Jalan Merah Saga, Taman Warna, Cornwall Gardens, Jalan Hitam Manis, Holland Hill, Queensway, Farrer Road, Lornie Road, Holland Heights, Ridout Road, Pierce Road, Dempsey Road, Sommerville Estate Road, Catterick Circle, Tyersall Road and others
20050001008 - AccNo2002_J19
Sheet Number J19 NAC14/68 SDS446/68 pt.1/3
Produced by Fairey Surveys Ltd for the Government of Singapore.
Viewing permitted. Use and reproduction require written permission from copyright owner.
Seek permission from SLA for reproduction
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Singapore. Instrumental Plot - Tanglin and Holland

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