Survey Map
Map of Singapore City
Part One of map covers Tanglin, Pasir Panjang, and Telok Blangah, showing City and Mukim boundary, roads, railway, rivers, buildings, bungalows, housing estates, labour lines, aluminium factory, hardware factory, soap factories, biscuit factories, sugar factories, oil mills, Chinese cemeteries, Muslim cemeteries, temples, Cornwall Gardens, Wollerton Park, Tanglin Hill, Alexandra Road West Estate, Singapore Improvement Trust Houses, Princess Margaret Estate, Phoenix Park, Government House Domain, Norfolk Estate, Kampong Bintang, Girls' Homecraft Centre, Children's Aid Society's Home, University of Malaya, Botanical Gardens, Singapore Cold Storage, Thye Hong Biscuit Factory, Hock Cheong Distillery, Pulau Saigon, Singapore River, and others
20080000024 - AccNo2443_1
Survey Department,Federation of Malaya Number 16_1954
Map is in six parts- SP003059 to SP003064. Similar set of maps found in SP002109_1 to SP002109_4, SP002110 and SP002111; but in different condition
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Map of Singapore City

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