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Hydrographic Map
Map Of Singapore
An oldest recorded map of Singapore showing sea chart, ships, vegetation, Pedra Branca, and others.

This is a copy of the map by Joannes Theodore de Bry dated 1603 showing Singapore. It was reproduced from his “Grands et Petits Voyages" printed in Frankfort in 1607. This map is derived from sailing charts.

The Straits of Singapore is labelled “Straet van Sinca pora” close to the island of Carimon. The mouth of Singapore Rivier is labelled “Rio Batasubar” on the map.

"Schematic map of the naval battle between Dutch Vice-Admiral Pietersz and Portuguese Captain Estevao Teixeira de Matos. On 6 October 1602 Vice Admiral Jakob Pietersz Enkhuisen, commanding three warships, engaged a Portuguese armada under Captain Estevao Teixeira de Matos in an attempt to blockade Johor Lama. This map by the German publisher De Bry depicts the various stages of the battle. The Dutch victory convinced Sultan 'Ala'ud-din Shah to ally with the Dutch against the Portuguese." (Source: Kwa, Chong Guan. Singapore a 700-year history from early emporium to world city. 1st ed. Singapore: National Archives of Singapore, 2009. 77. Print.)
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Map Of Singapore