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Mukim Boundaries Map (Key Map of Singapore Metric Map Sheets)
Map shows mukim boundaries, mukim numbers and mukim names of the whole of Singapore Island, area under town subdivisions, main roads and their names, railways, rivers and their names, reservoirs and their names, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin, Sentosa, Pulau Brani, Pulau Bukum (Bukom), Pulau Ayer Chawan and other smaller off-shore islands, Singapore/Malaysia international boundary, coastline of the State of Johore, Selat Johor and others. Superimposed on the map are map sheet lines and relevant map sheet numbers for Singapore in the metric system.
20050000976 - 0028_SP000108_000179-SP
Map # 10
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Mukim Boundaries Map (Key Map of Singapore Metric Map Sheets …

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