Survey Map
Plan Showing The Lands Belonging To The Botanical Gardens And The Adjoining Property
Plan covers Botanical Gardens and adjoining lands of Mr Chassariau, Tyersall, Captain Ross, Gilfillan Wood and Company, showing portion of land occupied by His Highness The Maharajah, military reserve with area, roads, drains, lands under grant, "Boundary between Mr. Chassariau and the B. Garden now ...", "Line claimed by Mr. Chassariau", superintendent's quarters, Garden Road (Tyersall Avenue) and Dalvey Road, Napier Road, Tanglin Road, Cluny Road, Bukit Timah Road and unlabelled roads (Tyersall Road and Stevens Road).
20080000462 - AccNoSP000756
Similar maps in SP000035 and SP000041, but in different condition
Prepared and signed by Colonial Engineer and Surveyor-General, Straits Settlements (S.S.). Dates are estimated
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Plan Showing The Lands Belonging To The Botanical Gardens  …

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