Survey Map
electoral Division of Mountbatten
Map covers part of division of Geylang West fringing the electoral division of Mountbatten showing electoral divisions boundary, polling districts boundary, buildings, proposed houses, housing estates, hotels, villages, markets, roads, proposed roads, cemeteries, schools, rivers, bridges, godowns, piers, swamps, factories, clubs, bathing enclosures, swimming pool, floating docks, garages, workshops, saw mills, sago factories, pineapple factories, government bungalows, Hindu temples, Sea View Hotel, Embassy Hotel, Meyer Flats, Crescent Flats, Kampong Kuchai, Kampong Amber, Singapore Swimming Club, Tanjong Rhu Club, Standard Vacuum Oil Company, Hoh Ah Kow Slipway Company, Thornycroft Slipway, Marine Police Slipway, Kallang Airport, Tanjong Rhu School, Kong Chiaw Chinese School, Public Works Department Marine Depot, Merdeka Bridge, Sir Arthur's Bridge, Meteorological Station, Badminton Hall, Happy World, Hindu cemetery, Muslim Cemetery, Guillemard Circus, and others.
20120001573 - 0002
This is part of a set of 56 maps SP001039 to SP001094
Survey Department, Singapore
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electoral Division of Mountbatten

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