• Hindenburg

    Record Label

  • V-2618/V-2619

    Catalogue Number

  • 1967-BH, 1968-BH

    Matrix Number(s)

  • Miss Ja Emah


  • Malay


  • 1930

    Date Released

  • 10 inch Shellac Disc


  • 78 rpm


  • 2016003864

    Accession Number

  • 00:06:24

    Recorded Duration

  • Sound


  • Access permitted

    Conditions Governing Access

  • Use and reproduction require written permission from NAS

    Conditions Governing Reproduction

  • Description


    A1 Matrix No.: 1967-BH Artist: Miss Ja Emah & Her Guitar Title: Samagan B1 Matrix No.: 1968-BH Artist: Miss Ja Emah & Her Guitar Title: Lep Lig Pajary Hindenburg records were produced for the Southeast Asian market by Deutsche-Grammophon, and featured both Malay and Chinese recordings. The label was named after Paul von Hindenburg, who was President of Germany from 1925 to 1934. His image was used on the label's logo. The Hindenburg label was discontinued in 1930.

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