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Lagu Orang Terbang

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Lagu Wenner Waltz

Lagu Wenner Waltz

  • Odeon

    Record Label

  • 90250/90288

    Catalogue Number

  • 90250, 90288

    Matrix Number(s)

  • Not Available


  • 1907

    Date Released

  • 10.6 inch Shellac Disc


  • 78 rpm


  • 2016003798

    Accession Number

  • 00:06:23

    Recorded Duration

  • Sound


  • Access permitted

    Conditions Governing Access

  • Use and reproduction require written permission from NAS

    Conditions Governing Reproduction

  • Description


    Artist: Unknown
    Title: Lagu Wenner Waltz

    Artist: Unknown
    Title: Lagu Orang Terbang

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