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That Box

Transmission began in 1936.
Few were aware of its usefulness.
Each family soon had one of these at home.
For some, it symbolised their wealth and upbringing.
For others, it was an indispensable source of entertainment.

Then came World War II.
Its immense potential was realised.
This box became an essential communication tool.
Thus, the Colonial Government seized sole control of it.
Some called it propaganda, others a crucial information provider.

The war ended.
Life got more affluent for more with time.
No longer was it a mere toy of the Rich.
Nor did it remain forever a big, bulky metal box.
Yet some deemed it old fashioned, others a collector’s item.

1995 arrived.
Marking its privatisation.
Music stations proliferated.
Many know not of its humble beginnings.
Others have forgotten.

It may be a mere radio for some.
For others it’s life.