Terms & Conditions

 National Archives of Singapore

The National Archives of Singapore (“NAS”), an institution of the National Library Board, is the organiser of the Oral History Video Challenge (the “Challenge”), in conjunction with the NAS’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2018. It aims to provide students and the general public an opportunity to unearth stories from the rich oral history collection which the Oral History Centre of the NAS has housed over the past four decades. We invite participants to draw inspiration from this treasure trove of memories and to curate creative videos to educate, inspire, and celebrate the rich tapestries of our Singapore story.

(A) General 

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all participants of the Challenge.
  2. All decisions made by the NAS, in conjunction with this Challenge, are final and binding, and no correspondence shall be entertained by the NAS.
  3. The NAS shall be entitled to modify the Challenge or to amend the Challenge Terms and Conditions at any time prior to the closing date of the Challenge by publishing any such amendments on the Challenge’s website.
  4. If any act, omission, event, or circumstance occurs that is beyond the reasonable control of the NAS and such eventualities prevent the NAS from complying with these terms and conditions and/or providing the prizes, the NAS will not be held liable whatsoever for any failure to perform and/or for any unforeseen delays in the management of the Challenge.
  5. The NAS reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Challenge, disqualify any participant or entry that does not comply with any criteria stated in these Terms and Conditions and to withhold prizes from any participant who has breached any of the Terms and Conditions.

(B) Eligibility for Entry into the Challenge 

  1. The Challenge is open to persons residing in Singapore during the challenge period from the following categories:
  • Secondary schools or equivalent Institutions
  • Junior colleges or equivalent Institutions
  • Institutes of Technical Education and Polytechnics;
  • Universities; and
  • General public (must be above 18 years old)
  1. Staff of National Library Board are not eligible to participate.
  1. By submitting an entry, the participant acknowledges that the participant has read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions posted on the Challenge’s website (http://www.nas.gov.sg/OHvideochallenge/).

(C) Entry Requirement 

  1. The Challenge runs from 14 Jul 2018, 0000hrs to 20 Jan 2019, 2359hrs (Singapore time). Entries can only be submitted on the Challenge’s website (http://www.nas.gov.sg/OHvideochallenge/) from 14 Jul 2018, 0000hrs onwards. Late submissions after 20 Jan 2019, 2359hrs will not be accepted.
  1. Create a video which can take any form including (but not exclusive to):
  • Animation
  • Re-enactment
  • Illustrations
  1. Visit the Challenge’s website available from 14 Jul 2018, 0000hrs to listen and select any of the audio extracts from the fifty (50) oral history interviewees.
  1. Select and use audio extracts ONLY from those provided to produce your creative work. You could use a variety of audio clips to add richness to the story.
  1. You are strongly encouraged to listen to the full interview and read the full transcripts of any chosen interviewees prior to using their audio extracts. This is to ensure that the extracts are used in their proper context.
  1. The length of the video should be between two (2) to three (3) minutes, including the credits.
  1. The video should be made according to the following specifications: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels; Video bit rate: at least 50 Mbps.
  1. Any spoken words in the video should be in English or translated and subtitled in English.
  1. Participants can submit more than one entry for the Challenge.

(D) Submission of Entry 

  1. Participants must use the Online Entry Form on the Challenge’s website (http://www.nas.gov.sg/OHvideochallenge/) to submit your entries. The following fields of the entry form must be filled up as part of the submission:
  • Title of the video
  • Objective(s) of your video
  • Messages/values you wish to communicate through your story
  • Names of the interviewees where the extract(s) are taken from
  • Link to your video hosted on YouTube
  1. Participants are required to follow the procedure below when submitting the entries:
  • Upload your video to YouTube, following the creation of your own YouTube account if you do not already have one (Participants below the age of 18 must seek parental or guardian consent before signing up. No one below the age of 13 is to sign up for a YouTube account.)
  • Set your video privacy to “Unlisted”
  • When your video is uploaded, copy your video link for submitting your entry form
  • Please ensure that your video link is working before pasting onto your entry form
  • In the entry form, paste your video link into the field marked “Link to video hosted on YouTube”
  • Complete all the required information in the entry form and Click on “SUBMIT”
  • All video entries in this challenge will be acknowledged by email
  1. The video must be maintained accessible until winners are announced on 3 Apr 2019. Participants will be disqualified from the challenge if the video cannot be accessed via the link provided in the entry form.
  1. Participants should keep at least one copy of their video. The NLB will not be responsible for submissions not received by the deadline and any video that is not uploaded properly.

(E) Notification of Finalists 

  1. The finalists selected for each of the five categories stated in Clause B (1) above will be notified via email on 18 Feb 2019. A finalist is not a winner. The number of finalists will be determined at NAS’s sole discretion.
  1. Upon notification, the finalists must submit the original high resolution video with the specifications stated in Clause C (7) above by 3 Mar 2019, 2359hrs (Singapore time) through one of the following means:
  • any available online file-sharing services (for example, Google Drive/WeTransfer/Cloud) to nas@nlb.gov.sg 

(F) Judging and Prizes

  1. NAS will pick the winners. The prizes for each of the five categories stated in Clause B (1) above shall be as follows:
  • Grand Prize ($2,500)
  • 1st Runner-Up ($1,000)
  • 2nd Runner-Up ($500)

The winners will be notified via e-mail on the prize collection details on 3 Apr 2019. The NAS’s decisions are final and non-contestable.

  1. The NAS reserves the right to change, add, or substitute the prizes.
  1. Prize(s) must be accepted as provided and are not transferable or exchangeable for other items. Where prizes are unclaimed, the organiser reserves the right to select an alternative winner from the remaining participants, if at all.
  1. Prizes must be collected in person by the respective winner(s) by producing their NRIC or Passport as proof of identity or by a proxy authorised in writing by the winner(s), including a photocopy of the winner’s NRIC or Passport. Proxies must also produce their own NRIC or Passport as proof of their identity. All prizes must be collected in Singapore at the location stated by NAS within one (1) month of the e-mail from NAS providing details of the Challenge prize. 

(G) Intellectual Property

  1. Participants are to ensure that:

(i) the videos are original works.

(ii) they are the sole owner of all intellectual property rights in the video and must not infringe the intellectual property rights belonging to others including copyrighted music, video, or images.

(iii) the videos do not contain any obscene, blasphemous, defamatory, pornographic, or otherwise illegal content.

(iv) the videos avoid featuring trademarks and logos of products, companies, and businesses.

(v) all audio clips provided by NAS are strictly for the use in this Challenge only.

  1. Any entry that does meet the obligations of the Participants as set out in Clause (G)1 above or is otherwise considered by NAS, in its sole discretion, to be distasteful, inappropriate, or offensive, may be disqualified by NAS.
  1. Subject to rights of use given to NAS below, all intellectual property rights shall remain with Participants.

(H) NAS’s Rights

  1. Participants grant NAS the right to use the photographs, images, and comments of participants for the purpose of any announcement or promotional, marketing, or publicity purposes in any media without any fee being paid to Participants.
  1. Participants grant the NAS a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and transferable right to use, reproduce, publish, publicly display, edit, or distribute anything submitted for the Challenge in any media format and any media channels as deemed fit by the NAS. For the avoidance of doubt, this right shall include use by the NAS for the following purposes:

(i) Operating, administering, and promoting the Challenge including media releases), before and after the Challenge has ended.

(ii) Presentation and use on the NAS’s websites.