Oral History Interviews

The Arts

The Arts project spans interviews with individuals from the visual arts, dance, theatre/drama, and music scene. Topics covered include the evolution of each artist’s style, how they honed their craft, and the public perception of arts in Singapore. It also records the factors affecting the development of a flourishing arts scene, and suggestions on how to incite local support for homegrown talent and performances.

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Japanese Occupation

The Japanese Occupation project was conducted to record the life stories of individuals who overcame trying times by being innovative and adaptive during the Occupation years. It highlights the shared experiences that many of these individuals had to go through and demonstrates how they emerged more resilient despite the extent of suffering they had to face.

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Communities of Singapore

The Communities of Singapore project exhibits the social cohesion of different groups of individuals who call Singapore home, and how they have assimilated with the locals despite having completely different customs, traditions, and beliefs. It highlights Singapore’s unique social fabric and inspires community togetherness and acceptance. Among those interviewed are the Armenians, Jews, and the Eurasians.

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The Sports Personalities project covers interviews of former athletes and also the administrators of sports associations. Topics covered include their beginnings in sports, their journey towards achieving their dreams through sheer grit, determination, and hard work, and their experiences representing Singapore in both regional and international competitions. It also records how government and national sports associations have supported our athletes in their goals.

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Please note that the quality of the recordings varies with the environment in which the interviews were recorded.